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Make Your Road Journey Safer and Smarter

A device that can monitor the driving pattern and vehicle condition to give live alerts based on the behavior. It can automatically detect a crash and alert predefined members with the location and impact of the crash.

Why Do You Have To Care?

Detects Drowsiness

Have you ever felt sleepy while driving and even closed your eye for a short duration and then regret about it and frightened?

Capture footage of unusual activities

Have you ever met with an accident or hit a pedestrian and you know that’s not your fault and you wished there was proof with you that it was not your mistake?

Damage or theft alert when parked

Vehicle theft is arguably the fastest-growing type of crime in India, some urban areas see over 100 vehicles stolen every day. Over 44,000 vehicles were stolen in 2018, but less than 20 percent of these were solved

Real-time updates about the speed limits

Have you ever fined for over speeding and you thought you are driving below the limit because you do not know the speed limit of that road? More than 97k people died due to accidents caused by over speeding in 2018

Our Solution

AI Driver Monitering

Analyzes driver's face and driving posture to predict accident-prone behavior and alerts the driver.

Dash cam

Auto-detect and capture incidents while you drive. Use them as live proof for insurance claims.

Crash Detection

Automatically report the crash to predefined members with vehicle impact level, roll-over status.

User privacy

All the data movements are end-to-end encrypted, and no one can access them without user permissions.

Other Cool Features

Vehicle health reports.

Live alerts based on accident prone zones.

Vehicle Anti-theft system.

Connect your car to the cloud to make it a smart car.

Know More

How it works

Analyzes and then alerts the driver

Analyzes driving pattern and road condition  to predict accident prone behavior and alerts the driver.

Detects the accident and notify it to your family circle.

Automatically report the crash to predefined members with vehicle impact level, roll-over status.

Records the vehicle surroundings.

AI cameras on the device can record as well as auto detect safety sign boards on the road and update them on a map creating Next generation maps .

Enterprise Use Cases

Logistic companies

K-sense helps logistics companies to track and assess their drivers easily and can also monitor vehicle health to improve efficiency.OEM’s and Government org’s

OEM’s and Government organizations

K-sense platform is a revolutionary way to visualize driver-vehicle-road interactions to make safer vehicles and better roads for the future.

Autonomous and Semi-autonomous cars

Every kilometer you drive with k-sense will indirectly contribute to autonomous cars for understanding the Indian roads and taking better decisions.



International Innovation
Fair 2017

Runner Up

ICT student innovator award
Hyderabad 2018


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K Pradeep Varma

CEO, Co-Founder

K Gyan Sai

Co-Founder and Developer

T Santhosh Varma

CTO and Lead Engineer

K Rohit

Co-Founder and ML Engineer

D V A V Raju

Ui/Ux Designer and Researcher

Ram Gopal Varma

Full Stack Developer

Nihaal Sangepu

Marketing Lead

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